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BSL course 3

BSL Level 3 Award

This course is great for those who want to use BSL at an advanced level and who are either working in paid/voluntary situations with Deaf Sign Language users, or who have friends/family in the Deaf community.  The aim of this course is to develop a level of fluidity in signing, understand the linguistics of British Sign Language, and expand both productive and receptive skills to an advanced level for use in appropriate work and social situations.

Important Note: There are entry requirements to this course.  Prospective students will be invited to an informal interview prior to the course to discuss their requirements and assess their BSL level.

Course objectives

  • Develop Sign Language skills to a more advanced level
  • Develop a knowledge of the structure and use of British Sign Language.
  • Develop a good understanding of Deaf Culture, Deaf History and the Deaf Community.
  • To achieve the BSL Level 3 Signature qualification.

Summary of Course

  • Signing Skills Development; Developing receptive and productive skills further to an advanced level in a range of work and social situations, including increasing vocabulary, improving fluency and further developing non-manual features.
  • Sign Linguistics Development; Understanding and use of BSL ‘grammar’ including syntax (sign order), semantics (sign meaning) and phonology (sign pattern).
  • Signing Register Development; the understanding and production of formal and informal and sign registers.
  • Research and presentations; on Deaf History and Deaf Culture.
  • Assessment Preparation; Receptive skills tests and mock exams.


Cost £1000 (excluding £138 Signature assessment fee)

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