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BSL course 2

BSL Level 2 Award

This course is perfect for those who want to develop their British Sign Language skills to an intermediate level. Following on from the Level 1 Award it aims to develop conversational and receptive skills, broaden the range of vocabulary used, begin to develop BSL structuring, and start to focus on non-manual features such as facial expressions.

Course Objectives

  • To develop the British Sign Language Skills learnt at Level 1.
  • Develop productive skills using visual aids and peer-group learning.
  • Improve receptive skills through the comprehension of signed stories; being able to accurately respond to questions about each signed scenario. 
  • Develop an understanding of the Deaf Community and Deaf Awareness
  • To achieve the BSL Level 2 qualification.

Summary of Course

  • Vocabulary Development; building on the topics of Level 1 with the potential of including transport, countries/famous places, every-day conversational vocabulary
  • Conversational Development; signing more complex ideas and sentences.
  • Non-manual Feature Development; beginning to understand and use appropriate body language, facial expressions and eye gaze.
  • Role-play & Story-telling; using placement, time-frames and facial expression.
  • Humour: Having fun with signed-humour and understanding the differences of humour in the Deaf community.
  • Intermediate Deaf Awareness; Incorporating Deaf issues and events in to conversational development.

NOTE: To get the most from this course, as you progress, it is advised that you have a way e.g. through your work, volunteering or social time, to mix, and use your BSL skills with, D/deaf people in real life situations.


Cost £800 (excluding £137 Signature assessment fee)

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