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BSL course 6

BSL Level 6 and NVQ Level 6

This course is aimed at those who want to develop complete fluency in British Sign Language and focusses on the complexity and uniqueness of the language. It is perfect for those who want to operate at a professional level with Deaf people, for example Communication Support Workers (CSW’s), Social Workers of the Deaf, Trainee Interpreters, Teachers of the Deaf Lecturers etc. and for those wishing to progress to professional interpreter training.

Course Objectives

  • Fine tune proficient British Sign Language skills in a wide range of settings and to a professional level.
  • Identify meaning; understand and convey complex and/or technical information both socially and professionally, even when delivered at speed. 
  • Develop further BSL linguistic and grammatical skills and knowledge, incorporating that in to production skills.
  • Understand and use idiosyncratic, regional and inference signs
  • Perfecting your portfolio for submission to Signature.


Summary of Course

  • Signing Skills Development Using British Sign Language in conversations, discussions, debates and presentations at work and in social settings, including complex / technical vocabulary.
  • Sign Linguistics Development; Reinforcing linguistics knowledge and ability.
  • Relay Skills; from BSL to English and English to BSL.
  • Professional Skills: Using appropriate register, idioms and conventions including non-verbal conventions.
  • This qualification is divided into two separate units: Language Development Level 6 and NVQ Level 6. These can be achieved separately. However, both units must be completed in order to achieve the full Level 6 NVQ Certificate in British Sign Language.

NOTE: It would be expected at this level that you are either working, or regularly socialising (i.e. with family) within the Deaf Community. As the assessment is portfolio based this could also provide you with appropriate situations to gather evidence (with the consent of participants) for the NVQ 6 portfolio.


Cost £2650  (excluding £94 Signature assessment fee)

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